Throwback Thursday. “DoubleLCD”

Fresh on the Minneapolis HipHop scene in 2013 a young, inexperienced, yet heavily influenced Otto released his first project DoubleLCD (Living Life & Chasing Dreams). With production from talented Twin Cities artists, including Bobby Raps & Otto’s in-house producer Slique Vicque. You can feel him push to make a name for himself. You hear the matured bars of the older cats in his crew, former AudioPerm members, shine bright on their features while maintaining to mix perfectly with the young perspective of Otto. He’s somewhat lost, yet fresh & searching for his voice in HipHop in the midst of making sure his hunger is felt. This is the “remastered” version but all the recordings are the originals. None of the audio was touched so you can feel the growth from this first project to the album FOUND which released January 10th 2017.


  1. Chapter One (The Movement) Prod. Julian Fairbanks
  2. Scoundrel Prod. Slique Vicque
  3. Hide & Seek Prod. Cole Nibe
  4. BitterSweet (Feat. COUNT) Prod. Sevadar Sehaj
  5. Alley Cats (Feat. 80H2O & Scoundrel Spence) Prod. Doctor Delussional 
  6. Same Old (Feat. G.P.Jacob) Prod. Julian Fairbanks
  7. Politics As Usual Prod. Sevadar Sehaj
  8. Mary Jane (Feat. Jason Anxious & Bobby Raps) Prod. Bobby Raps
  9. City Limits Prod. Bobby Raps
  10. All Of Me (Feat. G.P.Jacob) Prod. Slique Vicque
  11. Flight (Feat. Scoundrel Spence) Prod. Bobby Raps
  12. Karma Prod. Slique Vicque

Listen/Download for free:


Written by Otto  |  Mixed/Mastered by DJ D.Mil for SP Styles Productions

Scoundrel Nation

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